Snöplog to screen in Chile

Private Cinema Installation at DFFUKIt seems that more intimate, monitor-based screenings are the popular choice for Snöplog.

After making an appearance in the Private Cinema Installation at DFFUK in London this summer, Snöplog will be screened at FIVC, Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Chile, in Santiago de Chile, this November.

The film will be part of the FIVC OFF selection, shown as an installation in the Centro Cultural de España for the four days of the festival, 24-27 November 2015.


Old notes about Figure (s) 1

Research questions (from my Research Proposal Summer 2012)

–        Can a reclining female (nude) simply be a ‘form’?

–        What is female beauty?  Slim, sylph-like, graceful?  Or totemic, maternal, energetic?  What are the ideas and images that inform and condition our notions of the female body, of feminine movement?

–        What impact does the staging of an artwork as a performance installation or as a piece of video art have on the legacy of the form of the nude in art?  Am I able to articulate something about how the screen, the canvas or the plinth influences our experience of what is in front of us by juxtaposing live material with filmed material?

Yeh Tzu-chi’s Wind Sonata

Wind Sonata

The body in the ‘landscape’.   The body in a tactile ‘natural’ sonorous material.  There is something about the fragile, decaying quality of the dry leaves and the vulnerable body beneath that draws attention to the body’s fragility, its mortality.

I particularly like the exclamations of the audience as the leaves are blown away from Yeh Tzu-chi’s body.

Keywords (Categories and Tags)

New to the world of blogging I have written a list of words that appear frequently on the first two pages I have created for my blog.

They are (in no particular order):

framing, juxtaposition, movement, performance, installation, film, extraordinary (and by implication its opposite, ordinary), functional, everyday, choreography, video, landscape

Might these be my keywords?  My categories and tags?