Image by Dave Miller

Putting her best shiny-gold-heel forward, a blonde bombshell topples between control and abandon.

Do blondes really have more fun? Katy Pendlebury’s protagonist teeters and topples her way along a line between beauty and ugliness, control and abandon. Treating the frame as a canvas, surface and texture become metaphors for the relationship between public veneer and private person.

Dancer – Kerstin Schellander
Voice – Sheryl Tait
Director – Katy Pendlebury
Choreographer – Katy Pendlebury
Director of Photography – Patrick Duval
Music & Sound Design – Shakeel Esoof
Editor – Federico Forcolini


Napolidanza May 2010, Dantzine at ACT Festival Bilbao June 2010, Videodanza Buenos Aires September 2010, XTEND 5 dance for screen at dancin’ oxford 2011 (South Hill Park Arts Centre Bracknell & Oxford Castle), Fvesdecurt Denia April 2011, Festival Internacional de Videodanza del Uruguay Oct 2011


An excerpt of ICON was screened before the main feature at the Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford throughout March 2011


Image:  Screening at Oxford Castle as part of XTEND 5 dance for screen at dancin’ oxford 2011

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