Katy Pendlebury is an artist who works with moving images and live performance. Recently she has created moving images through live performance.
Katy sees both the body and the camera frame as landscapes, expressive of lived experience. She likes to create scenarios in which an interaction with objects or technology reveals something about their structure or operation, and comments on our relationship with them.


NEWS 2020

Looking back at a newsletter I wrote in 2017 I commented,

“On the subject of being online…  I seem to be making increasingly intimate performances. A live performance for one audience member is perhaps the most personal performance you can make. Yet usually I make work for screens. I am looking forward to researching the relationship between intimacy and screens…”,

and quoted Sherry Turkel,

“As we instant-message, e-mail, text and Twitter, technology redraws the boundaries between intimacy and solitude… We build a following on Facebook or MySpace and wonder to what degree our followers are friends. We recreate ourselves as online personae and give ourselves new bodies, homes, jobs and romances. Yet, suddenly, in the half-light of virtual community, we may feel utterly alone.”
Sherry Turkel, Alone Together

I am taking time to reflect on the landscape of our new, ever-adapting lives and Do Not Alight Here is paused for the present.

How do we “redraw the boundaries between intimacy and solitude” when we are required to distance ourselves? Can technology bring us together, rather than contribute to our separation?


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