Three young Londoners explore the urban backdrop against which they live their lives.

Trace is a series of three portraits – each of a dancer in a different ‘land’scape in central London. Co-authored by the dancers who feature in the film each chapter gives an insight into the dancer’s imaginative relationship with their environment.

Dancers – Elyas Addo, Laela Henley-Rowe, Agnes Kenig
Director and Choreography – Katy Pendlebury
Offline Editor – Dominik Rippl
Cameraman – Dominik Rippl
Original Music – Nima Tehranchi
Cello – Joanna Quail
Online Editor – Nicki Lang


Frame 2006 Festival Internacional de Video-Danca, Porto, Portugal, Videodanza Buenos Aires 2007 (subsequently part of a touring programme curated by the festival to cities in Mexico), InShadow International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies, Lisbon, Portugal 2010


Greenwich Dance Agency’s Cabaret June 2007


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