Future questions

After performing Portrait for the Fringe festival at the Marlborough Theatre, I spent a long time mulling over how to develop the work. It seemed a strange question, as the performance itself had felt quite complete – its structure and content seemed to make sense as it was. I felt that I could perhaps play or interfere with the gaze of the audience – which is both on myself and my image – but the piece itself did not feel that it needed significant altering, editing or re-working.

A while later I began to see how I might develop, or add to this work.

As I would like the development of Portrait to be a new experience for the audience, I am not going to say too much about its research here. I will mention however, that I have been looking at the impact of the photograph on Victorian society, looking at their concepts of time, and the idea that as well as the past, the future is also present in a photograph. There is a sense of anticipation, of what happens, or happened next.

Portrait Chapter TwoSketch for Chapter Two

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