Do Not Alight Here.


Tibetan tea 2006

About the Project

What does it mean to belong?
For a while now, and in our ‘hyper-connected’ world, I’ve been interested in ideas about exile and community, about enforced or self-imposed exile and where we, as individuals, find community. Having also lived in, and visited, countries in the Middle East, the exodus of people towards Europe has caused me to wonder how they feel about their reception here.
A core motivation for this work is a thinking-through-making around the idea of the guest – in this climate of fear around migration, what do traditions of hospitality and practices of welcome mean?
Do Not Alight Here is slowly becoming a one-to-one participatory performance and choreographic video work about tea and belonging.



I am delighted to announce that Do Not Alight Here. has been awarded Arts Council funding through the Grants for the Arts Scheme!

I am working with Kate Lodge, invaluable critical friend to the project. Kate has been creating participatory performances and managing arts projects since 1991 with a range of diverse groups and people.

The Marlborough Pub and Theatre are supporting the project with rehearsal space at a reduced cost and Blast Theory are hosting the project in a residency in December.



An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to the crowdfunder for the project! We reached our target and can accept the Arts Council’s offer of funding. Many thanks for your support!


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