Do Not Alight Here.

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Title in progress, work in progress


… The Welcome Project, Reading the Leaves, Home from Home, Total Tea Ceremony …
… A playful and conversational tea-time experience for two (me, and you) …


Currently titled Do Not Alight Here, I am developing a unique tea ceremony for one person; a table top performance conversation for me and one other.

It seems that everyone has an opinion about tea, and a story to tell. About themselves, their family, partners, friends, ancient relatives, or travels. Revealing beliefs and aspects of their personal lives, or curious about mine, this simple act allows for a moment of intimacy and connection with a total stranger.

Emerging from a thinking-through-making around the idea of the guest, this unique exchange aims to explore how the ritual and sensory experience of sharing tea and the mundane objects we use, might create feelings of welcome, connection, intimacy and comfort for other people, even strangers. Or not.

Research for the project has taken place at, and been supported by, Marlborough Productions, Blast Theory, and with new partners, the Hop 50+ in a series of ‘test’ performances in early 2020.

To develop the material for this performance, I have spent time attempting to become an expert on all things tea, learnt the Chinese Gonfu Tea Ceremony and glued myself to a screen to watch all the (available) one-to-one performances of Adrian Howells. I’ve had a simultaneous manicure and pedicure, and, for the first time in my life, got my ears pierced.

Photo by Elly Clarke

“Made me think so quickly of family”

“Time flies when you’re having… tea!”

To be continued…

Thanks to all the partners of the project, including Kate Lodge, Artistic Director of Small Performance Adventures, artist and dramaturg Amy Bell, artist Elly Clarke and those who contributed to the crowdfunder.


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