Artist’s statement

Image by James Casey

Image by James Casey

I am a film and performance maker with a background in contemporary and improvised dance. My current interests as an artist coalesce around the expression of the individual through everyday movement and this expression as choreographic potential. I explore this potential through single screen video works and, in a new departure, in live performance.

I am interested in people, in a choreographic kind of portraiture or biography; how movement expresses the uniqueness and poetry of lived experience. I aim to document the beauty and complexity of our everyday selves; exploring the expressive possibilities of a tension between the ‘real’ body and “the pleasure of the dance”, as described by British filmmaker Miranda Pennell, a choreographic crafting of material in time and space (real or profilmic).

Being interested in cameras, I am also interested in the tensions between the real live body and the media-ted body. Being interested in cameras I am interested in the body in the world, in the landscape, as landscape, and in the similarities between the camera frame and visual art artefacts – paintings/photographs.

Current investigations focus on the live and the media‑ted body; what are the tensions between the two? Live-ness creates a form of intimacy, however, so does the close‑up. What can a live performance do that a film or video recording of the same thing cannot? And vice‑versa?

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