What is improvisation?

In relation to discussions with Jennie Howell about what improvisation and intuition in creativity might be…  and to thoughts about how I might use improvisation in Two Forms.  (Is improvisation the right term?)


A couple of interesting articles:

the word by Kristian Larsen

I find the description of Butoh particularly useful.


What is ‘Indeterminacy’? by Marguerite Caruana Galizia

Marguerite Caruana Galizia’s exploration of the differences between improvisation and indeterminacy, and where in the composition of a work they might occur, is also informative.

Keywords (Categories and Tags)

New to the world of blogging I have written a list of words that appear frequently on the first two pages I have created for my blog.

They are (in no particular order):

framing, juxtaposition, movement, performance, installation, film, extraordinary (and by implication its opposite, ordinary), functional, everyday, choreography, video, landscape

Might these be my keywords?  My categories and tags?